Welcome to Simplethings Press.
Thanks for visiting Simplethings Press, a boutique letterpress printing and design studio located in Melbourne’s Yarra Valley. We work with clients all over Australia, NZ and beyond, and we love what we do. This is the place where we print our simple, stylish and elegant designs – and the designs of our talented clients – on antique presses. We love all things handmade, the feel of a crisp impression into soft cotton paper, and the labour of love that is letterpress printing.

A little about us…
Simplethings Press is run by owner, designer and letterpress printer Sarah Campbell. Sarah founded Simplethings Press in 2006 after falling in love with the simplicity and beauty of letterpress printing. She is a letterpress printer and graphic designer with years of experience in wedding stationery design.

Sarah loves paper, tea, Pantone books, and making beautiful letterpress stationery for happy couples. She believes that simple is beautiful, especially when it comes to wedding stationery. The simplicity of Sarah’s designs reflect her love of letterpress. This age-old printing technique makes even the simplest design come alive, and is especially suited to typography and fine details.

You won’t find lace, diamantes or anything involving a hot glue gun here. What you’ll find is refreshingly modern, stylish stationery. We pair the beauty of letterpress with an aesthetic that’s simple, sweet and sophisticated. We also believe that beautiful wedding stationery shouldn’t be limited by budget – so here you’ll find not only luxurious letterpress and foil press wedding invitations, but also economical flat print stationery, co-existing happily!

It’s all about good design, pretty paper and making you wonderfully happy.

As well as beautiful letterpress wedding invitations, we pride ourselves on our great customer service – we answer emails promptly, and you’ll deal personally with Sarah (owner and designer) the entire way through the process. It’s a level of service not always found in the wedding world.

Why not grab a cuppa, have a browse through our wedding invitation collection, read our blog, and get in touch if you want to know more. We’d love to hear from you!