Digital Print

What digital print is, and why it’s fun, fast and flexible

Digital printing – also known as flat printing – is a modern printing process that delivers high resolution colour similar to offset printing, and is the perfect choice for bolder, more colourful designs. It’s also our most popular printing method for ‘day of’ items such as menus, gift tags, order of service booklets, signage and placecards.

We can print as many colours as you like on the page with digital printing, making it a great choice for when you want more than one ink colour (unlike letterpress where each colour requires its own plate, making it more expensive to print two colours rather than just one), or for printing photographs (great on thank you cards!)

It also allows for the flexibility of personalising invitations and labels with guest names/addresses (unlike letterpress printing which requires a custom plate for each part of the design).

In flat printing, the ink lies flat on top of the surface of the paper, creating a smooth, matte finish. This style of printing is less expensive than letterpress and still achieves a beautiful, elegant result, making it a popular printing choice for the bride who doesn’t want to sacrifice style for price. We use the highest quality digital printing press available, and all flat printed stationery is printed professionally (no home desktop printers here!).

Many of our clients choose to mix and match between letterpress/foil press and digital print – ie. print just the invitation in letterpress/foil press and the rest of the items (reply card, wishing well card, etc) in digital print. This is a great way to keep costs down but still have all of the stationery pieces that you’d like.