Foil Press

What foil press is, and why it’s so damn fabulous

Like letterpress, foil press – also called foil stamping – is a specialty printing process that uses heat, pressure, metal dies and foil film. If you want a shiny, metallic gold or silver for example – foil press is the way to go! Metallic foils have a shiny, lustrous, sparkly finish. Unlike with letterpress, where metallic ink is absorbed into the cotton paper and appears as a matte metallic (with just a very subtle hint of shimmer), foil stamping screams METALLIC from the rooftops!

Foil press is similar to letterpress in that the foil colour is applied with pressure to the paper. As a result, the foil process leaves an impression in the paper (just like with letterpress), although the impression is not as deep with foil press as it is with letterpress.

Once your design is finalised, we create a metal die from the artwork, which is then mounted to the foil stamping press, and the foil colour is applied. The die is heated and then stamped into the paper, one card at a time, with enough pressure to seal a thin layer of the foil to the paper.

Foil press is gorgeous, glamorous and the perfect technique for creating truly stunning wedding invitations.